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"He's a DJ that's caught my ear for several years and one of South Africa’s leading exponents of the Afro House scene’’ - John Digweed



Diamond Dealer started his career in South Africa playing African Dance Music in the heart of the township and soon created a buzz as a sought-after DJ headlining shows in every major city in the country.


Following a successful career in South Africa, Diamond Dealer moved to the south of France to take on a new challenge developing his DJ career in Europe while continuing appearances in South Africa and in other African countries.


2022 has been a great year for Diamond Dealer with his debut in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as touring South Africa and a busy European summer schedule in the south of France and Corsica.


Diamond Dealer held a DJ residency in Porto-Vecchio at Sea Lounge in Corsica, the island’s #1 venue for electronic music, with guest appearances from Guy Gerber, Blond:ish, Jamie Jones and Black Coffee.

Diamond Dealer also made his debut appearance on the Family Piknik Festival this year, the #1 electronic festival in the south of France, with over 5000 participants.


On the release front Diamond Dealer has recent releases on MoBlack and Connected Frontline as well as his latest remix of “Come Around” by Berlin duo Propellar - out now on Family Piknik!

2023 starts with Diamond Dealer's collaboration with Idd Aziz, Peah. Out now on Connected.




Diamond Dealer & Idd Aziz - Peah [Connected]

Propellar - Come Around (Diamond Dealer Remix) [Family Piknik]

Diamond Dealer - Ndlalifa EP Ft Tabia (Inc. Remixes from Jackson Brainwave and Kiberu) [Connected]


Diamond Dealer Ft Tabia - Mbali'nhle (Inc. Remixes from Atmos Blaq and Caiiro) [Moblack]


Diamond Dealer Ft Dorothy Masuka - Sophiatown Tribute EP (Inc. Remixes from Caiiro and Enoo Napa) [Moblack Records]


Diamond Dealer - Lagom [Brilliant Cut Media]


Diamond Dealer - Little Hungry Monster [Bedrock Records]


John Digweed - Tracer (Diamond Dealer Remix) [Bedrock Records]


Diamond Dealer - Lialuma EP [Offering Recordings]

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